My name is Georgie Gunn and I love food! Good food - food that nourishes our body, comforts us with childhood memories, awakens our taste buds, and most importantly, makes us healthy and happy. Food for me is the universal language that celebrates cultures, preserves history, and is the focus of family gatherings.

My Grandfather came from Italy when he was 17 and began selling fruit and vegetables in the small town rural town of Forbes. Over the years, he and my Grandmother created a remarkable legacy for their children and their children’s children. But what he taught me, is to invest in the food we eat. My Grandmother was the one that knew what to do with the food. A bowl of her spaghetti trumped all else and to this day, although the recipe has been passed around, no one can make it like Grandma! All those hours I spent watching her methodical moves in the kitchen taught me to cook with respect. However it was my Mother that taught me to cook with love for the ones we love. This is what I am most proud of, and value above all life’s lessons, and it’s what I’ve chosen to spend my life doing. 

At the age of 22 I decided to go to Italy to learn the Italian language as well as the food culture. After a year I returned with a good grasp of the language and a wealth of knowledge on Italian food. Now, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and combining my love of food with health and wellbeing.